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Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in my lifelong love for learning, nurtured by childhood experiences spent in my mother's classroom. Surrounded by the comforting aroma of old library books and the promise of fresh notebooks waiting to be filled, I discovered the transformative power of education. The classroom became a sanctuary, where teachers held the key to unlocking new realms of understanding.

As a first-year teacher, I've come to realize that sharing knowledge is a profound joy. Witnessing students engrossed in books or passionately expressing their ideas reaffirms my belief in the transformative potential of education. In my classroom, I am committed to fostering academic excellence for all students, recognizing that learning is a gift that transcends circumstance.

Yet, education extends beyond academics; it's also about nurturing social and emotional skills. I strive to cultivate creativity and critical thinking in my students, tailoring lessons to their unique experiences and needs. By embracing inclusivity and authenticity, I aim to create a supportive learning community where every student feels valued and empowered.

In the tumultuous world of middle school, my classroom offers a haven for students to explore literature, expand their horizons, and connect deeply with their learning. Through Universal Design for Learning practices, I ensure that every student has equitable access to education, fostering empathy and collaboration.

Central to my teaching practice is the creation of a safe and affirming classroom culture. I celebrate diversity and strive to represent all students' identities and experiences in the curriculum. As a Chicana educator with a learning disability and neurodivergence, I bring a unique perspective that fosters trust and vulnerability among my students.

In teaching English, I prioritize a curriculum that reflects the diversity of our world, featuring literature that resonates with students' lived experiences. Representation matters, and I believe in amplifying marginalized voices to build empathy and understanding. My students will explore a rich tapestry of perspectives, discovering the strength in their own stories.

Ultimately, I empower students to recognize their capacity for change and to build communities rooted in empathy and solidarity. Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about harnessing that knowledge to shape a better world for all.

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