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Life outside of the classroom

I believe that to be a well-rounded teacher, it is important to have interests that enrich my life in other ways. It is imperative to be present for my students while also maintaining my sense of self to be a better educator. It is also very fun to explore the world and create new objects whether it is something beautiful to adorn my home or something tantalizing to eat!


Hooks & Needles

I love to get my hands on anything that has to do with thread, floss, or yarn. I learned how to sew, crochet, and embroider at a young age and pride myself on my skills. Most days you could find me unwinding by keeping my hands busy on my latest project and trying to find a way to store my seemingly infinite amount of supplies.


Hiking & Backpacking

As a self-proclaimed member of the Sloth Hiking Team (we will get there when we get there), I love to spend time outdoors. Whether it is camping at national parks across the country or lugging my backpack to my next adventure, I love to be connected to nature with a pair of hiking boots on my feet leading the way.


Cooking & Baking 

I grew up in a house that was rich with smells of cooking. The sizzle of chiles being roasted over fire and the smell of tomatoes cooked in a cast iron skillet to make salsa was a core cooking memory for me as a child. As I got older I began to explore baking and the science behind it and found that the art of cooking was fun but the challenge of baking was even more fun.

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