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The personal narrative project began with the question of how do we connect with others and ourselves through the medium of storytelling? Students are in a tumultuous time in their lives in regards to discovering who they are and their identities. We decided to focus on this aspect of their journey by incorporating aspects of their lives such as family histories, experiences, and media of their choice to inform their writing and performance of their personal narratives. To warm students up for the writing of  their personal narratives, I had them practice by writing funny stories while learning to format personal narratives. While the plan was to eventually host a performance with an audience, unfortunately, Covid-19 disrupted plans and we had students record their performances. Despite that setback, the stories the students shared are striking and memorable. 

Handouts & process

Final Products

A very popular product for this unit was to create 6-word memoirs on postcards modeled after a Postsecret exhibition students saw in the Museum of Us in Balboa Park. It was a challenge for students to limit their stories to such a sparse amount of words but the results told poignant, shocking, and humorous stories in a collage format.

Oh, Strike That
Home is Where the Heart is
Eu Aprendi Tanto
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